This is a contract that I am putting a NON- REFUNDABLE deposit of $_________________ for one of STARLET YORKIES. The Puppy was born on_______________. Mother is_________________ Father is________________

and I will be the________ person to pick a male____ female____ puppy. The balance is to be paid in-full by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old. If the puppy is not paid for in-full by that time I will be charged an extra $25.00 per week for up to 4 weeks plus any veterinarian fees incurred during the additional 4 weeks. At 12 weeks old I will lose 100% of my Deposit and the puppy will be sold to someone else. I am aware that I can visit my puppy as it grows and as long as I call in advance so an appropriate time can be arranged.

As the owner of STARLET YORKIES, I encourage you to come visit your puppy prior to him/her going to their new home as this will make the transfer easier on your new family member. Please print this and sign then email back to me at

Date: __________________

BUYER SIGNATURE: ______________________________

SELLER:  STARLET YORKIES _______________________________

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